Canadian Lab Squad

For 14 years, Mary-beth had always wanted a Chocolate Labrador and I was the one holding it off due to our schedules. In the Spring of 2011, Mary-beth saw an ad for a free purebred Chocolate Labrador up for adoption. Me being Scottish and cheap, gave in and we went to see Jersey. The first time I met him, I fell in love and that was the beginning of the Canadian Lab Squad.

Three weeks later, we (read ā€œIā€) decided he needed a playmate and Max joined the pack. Jump ahead six months and we see an ad for a silver lab up for adoption. When we went to see her, she was in such bad shape physically yet had so much love to give, we were not leaving her behind. So then we were three.

We had a lot of coaxing from all our DockDog friends to get a Black Labrador since we had all the other colours. When the breeder of Jersey and Jemma sent us a picture of 12 Black Labrador puppies, Mary-beth wanted to go see them. Mary-beth picked out Marleigh and when she turned 8 weeks old, she came home with us. Then we were four.

Summer of 2013 we decided to do some volunteering with the NOLA Lab Rescue and offered our services to transport 4 dogs on the final leg of their two days travel coming up from the states. When we picked up the dogs, one of the pups was extremely ill and Mary-beth held him in her arms swaddled in a blanket the whole trip. He ended up with Parvovirus and required veterinary treatment and had to be in quarantined for a month. With a lot of love from his foster mum Pam and donations coming in from a lot of great people to help pay for his vet bills, Louie survived. From the first day Mary-beth met Louie, she kept saying ā€œI WANT LOUIE.ā€ The first day he came out of quarantine, we went to see how he was doing and fell in love with the little guy. Unknown to Mary-beth, I had filled out all the adoption papers and when we had a small get together at our home to teach these three puppies -- Huey, Duey and Louie -- to swim, Pam presented Mary-beth with a dog bowl and said this is for his forever home. Then we were five.

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